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5 weeks
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free of charge

What is global minds?

A community accelerator and educational platform. Global minds provides space for 21st century forms of knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, while providing micro-courses for high school students, building on the connectivist learning model and project-based education.

Global Minds wants to become an educational agent that can bridge the gap between market economy, university education and post-secondary education connecting the actors. Revitalizing and expanding this network generates a powerful accelerator effect, which develops and moves the training model itself.

Our objectives are the following:

  • connecting young people living and studying in Pécs
  • building bridges between universities and secondary schools
  • supporting integration of international students into the local community
  • developing educational materials channelling contemporary knowledge about science, technology and economy
  • building a community of lecturer who can play active play in different level and field of education
  • strenghtening global characters of local education
  • opening new opportunities to international students and local secondary school pupils in education and cooperation
  • connecting local companies with younger generations.

The global Minds provides opportunities for international students to connect and create value with local communities. Global Minds acts as a community learning / education platform / system that allows you to structure knowledge in your own field of interest, connect it to scale-based competency systems, and develop your own training plans.

Global Minds provides you a complete, realistic education laboratory. Training plans are developed by support of educational professionists, and you can teach courses in real-world educational settings, in schools cooperatig with organized classes.

You will be able to use your experience here both in the university and in the corporate environment in the future. Every minute you devote to developing a course will pay off multiple times throughout your career.


This program is a voulanteering projects from university students's site.

This means the program is free of charge for the students of high-schools in Pécs.

What happens if you join us?

  • engaging with your favorite topic and find an informed, interested audience
  • giving the opportunity to drill down into your subject and connect it with the world of education.
  • supporting your relationships (at university, public education level and with prospective undergraduates.
  • joining you to mentors who can help to shape your knowledge into the most effective educational product
  • giving publicity, transparency for your efforts and for you as well- courses are being publicized in several schools in the city, online platforms


You can find more information about our program at https://theglobalmindset.wordpress.com/

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